About me

As a pre-puber and adolescent, I was always looking for the ‘truth’ and never found it. In my student days, lively discussions until late at night gave me many insights, however, there was always more and what to do with those insights?

Higher potential

I’m looking for maximum consciousness development and for fellow seekers in that area. Do you want to get more out of yourself, increase, deepen and strengthen your potential? Do you want to discover and grow in and towards a larger vision on what it means to be human? Do you want to experience what deeper and more intense consciousness makes possible and how you discover and push the boundaries of yourself? Or would you rather wait?

Employment history

In my busines life was active in automation of hospitals, pharmacies, general practitioners, asylum seekers centers, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, large companies such as Boeing, though I was more interested in what moves people, what makes them grow and how you can become more creative than I was interested in automation.

The value of connecting

By becoming chairman of the Central Enterprise Council of a billion dollar company, I discovered the value of communication and how to really connect. The influence of power, hierarchy, importance, means of pressure, the effect of emotion, self-insight and how people interact with each other under stress? And ….. the silence and effortless connection beyond emotion, prejudice, tension, resistance and identity!

A gift?!

Then I got a present?! I was fired because my department moved to India. I founded my own company, MraCle B.V. and gave presentation training for management, ran an e-book site and set up gamification projects. Then I digitized a coaching product, brainstormed with coaches to transform their mindset into growth and break into new markets. In the meantime, I have coached a number of writers to write and published their books.

Maximum growth

Eventually I discovered to be highly gifted and highly sensitive and I wanted to go for maximum growth. My vision is that everyone can become and be highly gifted and highly sensitive at will. And that you can take special steps into and and as a result of this process! That’s why I developed tools to accelerate the development of intelligence, social skills, creativity, emotional strength, perception and awareness.

Thinking without limits

I am also partner in an international organisation, Limitless.international, which offers a special accelerated program to Limitless Thinking. I am rolling out this program in the Netherlands.
Though I consider not everyone suited for this program! Only If you are open minded, searching for growth and new perspectives you have the drive towards fast development, higher and higher levels.

Rice Plantation, Thailand, Rice, Agriculture


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