Limitless Leadership

Training for Active Leaders

Calling all aspirational managers and entrepreneurs:
Do you want the next level mindset (NLP)
to accelerate your career and achievements exponentially?

This is your time to not only shine, but go stratospheric in your influencing skills as well as your leadership and management capabilities.

May 14, 15, 16 & 17 2020

Content overview

A four-day event packed with so much mind-magnifying information and developmental exercises, you will simply become a superhuman version of the YOU who stepped in on the first day. So much so, that problems you had, will then only be problems if you still want them to be.

You will be a master of inspiration and motivation.
You will expand your emphatic awareness so you can read people immediately anywhere anytime.
You will no longer stress out- just stretch up for the next goal.
You will experience a massive shift in expectations
You will create an action based mindset to ensure you get what you want.

This event is for the professional who genuinely wants more and is prepared to put themselves to the ultimate test of developing personal power.

Regardless of your age, experience, or what you think you think you know- going limitless will be a whole new step up for you – way beyond what you think you know about life, business and success .

You’ll learn the psychology of how to manage yourself, others and business, the secrets of success that go way beyond the Master Key, Think and Grow Rich, or any other book on mental power.

Here we are talking the ultimate life through accessing the ultimate you.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Change Development Masters Promotion

Programm overview

Day one: CHANGE and REFLECTION — change your thinking – changing what you expect and what to achieve – changing identity, thought and language patterns. Decoding your reality.

Day two: REFLECTION and DEVELOPMENT – notice how others decode reality and how others decode yours. develop new thinking – influence your reality – Stretching up abilities and manage belief systems progressively, get the results you want.

Day three: MASTERS – strategic thinking – move away from the reactionary mindset, to the generals strategic view – seeing angles, planning for eventualities, optimizing processes, for the greater good of yourself and others, your employees as well as your company and the world in general.

Day Four: PROMOTION – Learn to promote yourself and your business, to be remarkable, influential and charismatic as a leader. Bringing your leader message and vision straight into the world, attracting followers, business partners and organizations.

You will be working to develop and master your communication, confidence and creativity skills practicing within public speaking, video presenting and writing so that you can deliver your message in such a way that people feel it is worth to engage.

Unlike any other management training program, we will be on a deep dive into techniques drawn from the therapeutic world and high-risk entrepreneurialism so you can benefit from learning angular thinking – seeing opportunity everywhere and acting on it.

Your choice

If you’re willing to open your mind this will be four days that will change your life — and the way you look at life’s potential beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.


The training is organised and coordinated by Marcel Baatsen, entrepreneur, creative business advisor, book-publisher and inventor.

The training will be provided in coöperation with Kern Frost, a leader in Limitless Thinking and NLP, based in Zurich and London.

Part of individual guidance will be provide by Hilde Kroon, who is an expert in culture, communication, conflictresolution and awareness and changing behaviour


Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Doorwerth-Arnhem




Hilde Kroon